So You Published a CSR Report… Now What?

So You Published a CSR Report… Now What?

An ever-increasing number of companies are getting on board the sustainability reporting bandwagon each year. In fact, a full 95% of the Global 250 now issue sustainability reports.

Whether using the world’s leading GRI’s latest G4 standards, CDP, or another framework, it’s an endeavor that involves multiple layers of any company. Most likely, employees ranging from HR to supply chain managers; marketing teams to sales personnel; and of course the C-suite executives, all played a role in gathering and sharing the necessary data to build the report.

So, who actually cares about your CSR report?

You’ve cut carbon emissions, reduced water consumption, engaged your employees, and donated to philanthropic causes? Awesome! Now, how many people are going to take the time to dig through your website to read your recent report? Maybe you’ll draw eyes to the masterpiece by showcasing it in an internal or external blog, sharing across your own social media channels, or sending a letter to your shareholders - all of which are great methods. But, whether designed by an external consultant, or built in-house, your report certainly came with a price tag and several months of work. So, how can you receive the exposure you desire after all is said and done?

Media partnerships bring your efforts to the next level

TriplePundit’s Twitter Chats have become increasingly popular since 2013 (shout out to Walmart, Nestle Waters NA, and SAP - a few of the first participants!). These scheduled public platforms for stakeholder dialogue provide an arena for corporate leaders to showcase accomplishments, company successes, and impacts they’re making in the world - while answering real inquiries from the audience, in real time.

TriplePundit has hosted these sponsored Twitter conversations across with a varied spectrum of industries and rankings - from millennial influencers to the CEO of Monsanto! Often, our panelists are joined by NGO partners or advocacy groups with whom they’ve worked in the recent year, too. What unfolds is an opportunity for readers to learn firsthand from the decision-makers, and to provide feedback and share insights to what might otherwise remain an unread CSR report metaphorically collecting dust on your shelves.

Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

Everyone on the internet can have a voice. If you’ve never participated in one, it’s best to get your feet wet first to understand the unique manner in which these discussions take place. A bonus to participants is the valuable opportunity to network with other readers and companies attending the chat, as well as with the sponsor’s leadership. All constructive remarks can be read by the spokespersons and taken for future consideration towards sustainability goals and benchmarks.

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