Don’t Be Shy To Share The Good You Have Done!

Don’t Be Shy To Share The Good You Have Done!

Giving is an integral part of the Arab world and they are known for their benevolent nature. People in this part of the world practice Zakat which is a form of charity. From a religious obligation, it has now become part and parcel of life in the corporate world. This essence of giving is transfused into the work culture and we can witness multiple local companies being engaged in it. 

The #CSR landscape has evolved in the region:

·        With individuals sharing their wealth to

·        Corporates sharing their wealth with individuals and sections of the society to

·        Being part of social responsibility projects, which is a much larger canvass than just giving.

In this part of the world ‘taking responsibility’ and ‘talking responsibility’ do not go hand in hand. Cultural heritage continues to play a role behind ‘talking about responsibility’. I have always wondered why do we shy away from sharing the good things that we do. If you see giving as charity, you would not like to tell the world that you are being benevolent. However, if giving is viewed as part of a CSR activity, where you feel you are responsible to give back to the section of the society who has the right to receive that gift from you, then you won’t feel shy to share the good work. CSR becomes very simple and worth sharing if it is seen from the Rights perspective which means it is the right of the not so privileged to be taken care of by others.

Communication plays a big role in sharing the great work corporates are doing. But you need to be careful about how and where you communicate. PR is a wonderful approach to share CSR initiatives. PR is not only about holding press conferences, press releases and writing articles, it is more comprehensive as it facilitates the formation of multiple collaborations and associations. This brings us to the famous saying ‘Together We Achieve More’. Sharing helps as it makes others see what you are doing, motivates others to take the first step and also provides the scope to collaborate. If you look at the Western world, they have never shied away from sharing their #CSR initiatives and it has been a driving force for other parts of the world to devise their own plans and strategies.

Share, Inspire and Motivate! Doing good is something most of us want to do. However, we usually don’t do as much good as some of us don’t know what, where and how to do it. If you knew about all the good work of corporates in the social responsibility domain, you would have a ready platform to associate with. A humane corporate is always looked upon as a company people like to associate with. So communicate and let people know about the good initiatives that you have taken up as a responsible entity.

This is the year of giving and more corporates are expected to join the government initiative. While there are going to be larger project tractions, we hope to read more about these this year and in the coming years. Communication will play a key role in disseminating the information with the hope that corporates will be more open to share their good work. In the process, more will join the initiative and support the big move by the government.  





All, 2017